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Changing DNS

At the moment we use cloudflare to handle our DNS, but it’s incompatible with the certificate used on the server. To provide users with their own domain, we need to use a wildcard, this isn’t possible with our current setup. Therefore we will be moving from Cloudflare back to the domain name registrar’s DNS service. The only difference for users will be the SSL certificate will be signed by Let’s encrypt and no longer by cloudflare.


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New monitoring tools in place

Snuffer had an outage related to the analytics tool we use. The service was partially unavailable for a few hours. New tools have been added to make these errors come to our attention more easily. In the future, if we receive notice of too many 500 errors from the service, we will be notified sooner and be able to fix the issue faster :) It’s also nice to see activity from over the entire world!



Snuffer + mailchimp

From now on leads collected via snuffer forms will be sent automatically to your mailchimp email lists! To setup, please do the following: Log into Snuffer Connect mailchimp Your browser does not support the video tag. Choose a list on your form settings Your browser does not support the video tag. Done!


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Introducing Snuffer

Snuffer is a lightweight website and landing page builder. I decided to build it because I make a lot of landing pages for different purposes and would like more control over what I build. I use snuffer every day, which means I’m personally affected by negative performance of the platform. Do we really need another page builder? The internet has hundreds if not thousands of actively maintained page builders, why do we need another one?