Introducing Snuffer

Snuffer is a lightweight website and landing page builder.

I decided to build it because I make a lot of landing pages for different purposes and would like more control over what I build.

I use snuffer every day, which means I’m personally affected by negative performance of the platform.

Do we really need another page builder?

The internet has hundreds if not thousands of actively maintained page builders, why do we need another one?

Look at this this way: snuffer currently has fewer than 100 users. Every time someone gives me feedback, I take it very seriously. If that feedback was drowned in hundreds of thousands of other people’s feedback, no one would listen.

Snuffer aims to be your page builder as much as it’s mine.

What’s a snuffer?

A snuffer bottle is a tool used when panning for gold. By squeezing and releasing the bottle you “snuff” up the gold and leave behind sand or other worthless materials :)

And that’s what snuffer does, but instead of “snuffing” up gold, we snuff up paying customers for your business.